Dear parents,

Established in 2016, Kinder Academy is passionate about our vision for education, the philosophy of creating future thinkers, and making a safe and a well-being centered environment for a child’s developmental stages. We assure that they will receive an education with international standards where they can fully flourish.

Kinder Academy helps children develop the necessary skills, such as, social communication skills, self-care skills and early academics which are required in the 21st Century.


Always be happy and unique, they are guided to be creative, active and understand of their contributions to the world around.


Maintaining relationships with parents is our priority, through parent-teacher meeting, school’s event, newsletters.


We are very proud of  passion teachers, always encourage curiosity, acknowledge potential and delight in seeing children flourish


An open – end designed in every corner, are comforting, cozy garden and light – filled to create environment that are stimulating, nurturing, flexible and richly resourced.

We’ve designed a wondrous world to foster the daily development of infant minds and bodies. Creating a strong bond and a setting that feels like family.


Layla’s Parents

“After a trial session, Layla felt in love with the place and really get along well with other kids & teachers. She showed remarkable progress socially.

And it’s really fun to actually see her coming home from school every day because she always brings something new, she learns something new and says new things all the time. She is teaching us how to sing a new song as well”

Mimi’s Parents

“After a while of observing Mimi, I am really happy and satisfied with the learning environment at Kinder Academy. She can join many different activities, using different materials to make her own toys every day at school.

She loves to be here and if you also want your kids to be active & participate in lots of fun activities, let’s give it a try!”

Nemo’s Mom

“What impressed me about Kinder Academy are the teachers, the food menus, the learning program and finally how the school uses tools to manage information and update for parents quickly.

And the most amazing thing is every morning when I take Nemo to school, he is absolutely excited and eager to go to class. That makes me and Nemo feel happy experiencing at Kinder Academy ”


We belief in providing the highest quality early years education and care


Reggio Emilia - Inspired Learning

Our Reggio-inspired curriculum fosters inquiry, critical thinking and creativity in custom designed environment. Children always feel emotionally safe and fun in different activities indoors and outdoors.

The role of parenting

We acknowledge that every family brings with them, a unique cultural dimension that enriches the school’s story. Parents are considered as one of the three central protagonists in the educational process, who are open and collaborative in their communication and participation.

We believe that parents prove a relationship through shared experiences, commitment and mutual respect, then fostering and building a trust relationship. Parents are also researchers, who strengthen the understanding of the learning child.

OUR STORY: A world of amazement, curiosity and imagination

Our world

Throughout the years, Kinder Academy has been a place for children enjoying their amazing childhood. In the world of children, was nurtured by curiosity, excitement and spontaneous imagination. They laugh in joy with friends and memories. They experience endless opportunities, being exactly who they are – children.


The beginning

In 2016, the educators were inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy and passion in early years education for children living in Vietnam.  We have worked very hard in the Kinder Academy project, to form the school into a multicultural model.

Kinder Academy’s mission is to create a place of home emotionally feel for young children.

In our place, with innovative teaching methods and inspiring philosophies, the environment was encouraging quality and critical-thinking learning, and the children are happy, confident & self-valued consideration.

The space design was for the purpose of learning and playing through an emergent curriculum. Children enjoy nature and fresh air every day, fostering their curiosity about the world around them.


Kinder Academy today is an 1800 square meter campus, surrounded by a beautiful garden, green playground and swimming pool. We continue to provide children, teachers and the community with positive relationships, thoughtful connections as well as rich learning resources, a natural environment.  Following the 21st key elements, we respect the child’s uniqueness and diversity as well as the dedication, and open mindset of the teacher.

We will remain the passion about early childhood education and will do so for many years to come.

Kinder Academy, a home away from home.