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    31 January, 2023

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    31 October, 2023

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Classroom Environment

The classroom is designed for toddlers to move, explore and discover. The space is large, with lighting, age-appropriate materials, and playful corner which stimulate their curiosity while promoting a calm ambiance.



Program of inquiry encourages teachers to listen and respect the ideas of the children. Teachers continuously communicate with children, in order to foster their feeling of trust and independence. The classroom atmosphere is created to make children feel secure, happy, and autonomous. The relationships between teachers and students are built from the trust between each other so that children are given space and time to master their own skills and critical thinking. Our teachers respect every child’s uniqueness, and interact with them at their level, not from above.

Daily routine

The environment is considered the third teacher, so the daily routine help to secure children’s social & emotional balance, through the creation of a predictable classroom environment, focused on the interests and needs of each child. Sensory, art, music, language, and fine/gross motor experiences are introduced to support learning objectives.



Teachers have recorded children learning through the theme’s plan, and share photos and descriptions of class experiences through the project board. Each student’s experiences are also documented weekly through the use of a portfolio, newsletters and daily highlights that describe each day’s adventures.


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